Online Personal Training – FAQs

What is online training?

Online Training is a fitness program designed by a personal trainer that you are able to access via your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Online Training is significantly less expensive than a personal trainer at your local gym and can be utilized from any location!

Who is a good candidate for online training?

Online Training can work for anyone but is better suited for someone who has a little experience with resistance training and/or cardiovascular training. The perfect candidate is fairly motivated to work out on their own but wants to be accountable to someone who can give them guided instructions and workout plans.

Where would I do online training?

The great thing about Online Training is that you can do it at home, when you are traveling, at the gym, outsideā€¦ almost anywhere! Your workouts are always with you.

Do I need a lot of equipment?

No. Lannie will work around whatever you have.  Ask Lannie for some suggestions for different budgets.

May I please get more information?

Please call or email Lannie for more information or free consultation. Consultations can be done over the phone, or in person if you live in the Bloomington area.