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How It Works

Train With Us Anywhere/ Anytime
Impact Online is a great way to have access to your own Personal Trainer without going through the hassle of matching schedules and getting to the gym! Each client fills out an introduction form. We ask for your goals and any exercise equipment available. Shortly after your online trainer will be able to create a program to help you achieve those goals, using what is available to you. To get started, fill out the form on this page.

Work Out On Your Schedule
Having an online personal trainer means work out sessions are done at home or wherever you choose. You pick the times that are most convenient or your schedule. Never worry about having to drive across town to get to a gym. You get tangible results while being cost-effective! Review our training packages below and let us know which one fits you. Note that each package can be custom designed for your specific needs.

Training Goals

  • Weight Loss: Our proven program sets clients up for success while taking them through workouts including strength training and cardio. Whether you have just a few stubborn pounds to burn or many more, this plan will get you to your goal! The communication and check-ins with your trainer to help you stay driven and make positive changes to your workout habits!
  • Toning: Our program allows you to develop the fit and firm body with muscular definition and shape, without adding bulk. You will lose body fat while increasing muscle tissue. You will notice visible definition. You will get a lean and sculpted physique as you burn fat while doing a combination of body weight, heavy and lightweight resistance, and stability training.
  • Muscle Gain: Our muscle growth program, is designed for you to get the most gains out of your weight lifting program. Our muscle gain program gives clients guidance on repetitions/sets, best tempo, and rest times, helping you to increase volume and muscle mass. You will learn through exercises to target particular muscles while increasing muscle size.

Choose Your Plan!

Online Training Only Package

1 Month – $75
3 Months – $195