Sports Performance

Strength and Conditioning Coach – Sports Performance Training

Athletic Development for Middle School and High School Athletes

Are you wanting to make a team or get a scholarship?  Our athletic development program is designed for the motivated student-athlete looking to take their game to the next level.  Parents – if you have a middle school or high school athlete and are looking for a place for them to get stronger, faster, better balance, and more mobility. We can help put your youth athlete on the right path for success. We look at the sport your youth athlete participates in and bring it into our training session so your athlete can be taught proper movements and technics to best enhance their performance. Our sport performance techniques have helped student-athletes move onto the next level of sports performance. We have helped our athletes move onto collages and play at the next level. Our youth sports athletes have gone on to play sports at Indiana University, Ohio State University, IUPUI, and Vincennes University just to name a few.

Vertical Jump Training

We specialize in vertical jump training. With our innovative techniques of how to properly train explosiveness for our volleyball, basketball  or any sport where vertical jumping is most needed we can help. With our training methods, we see on average of 3-5 inches in vertical height on all of our athletes that are looking to increase there vertical. We teach proper body awareness to our vertical training athletes to help increase there vertical and also to help prevent injury on their body over the long term.